Semi Automatic Winding Machine For Lithium

Semi Automatic Winding Machine For Lithium

A Semi automatic winding machine for lithium batteries is considered as the most suitable choice of charging the Li-ion batteries which are commonly used in laptops, vehicles, electric bicycles, golf carts etc. The machine is designed in such a manner that it can be attached to the DC generator or the car battery and starts charging automatically. This type of machine can work in two different modes, i.e., in stand by mode and in trickle charging mode.


In the first mode, the machine starts working automatically when the voltage falls below the critical level. In the second mode, the machine begins working when the battery is fully charged. The company from where the manufacturing unit gets its power supply makes use of special generators to start the charging process of the battery. It is observed that once the machine starts charging, then it takes about 7 hours to get the full charge of the battery. Hence, it is a great time saver for the user as he does not have to wait for the perfect timing of the charging of the battery before using the battery.


A fully loaded battery will normally take almost 9 hours to charge, but this situation can be prolonged if the user is using the battery for longer period of times. A fully charged battery can be used for a longer period of time and hence it is a great option to charge the Li-ion batteries which can be used in all types of electronic devices. Hence, there are many Semi automatic winding machines for lithium, which can be used to charge the batteries, if one does not have enough time to perform the task manually.

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