Transformer Automatic Welding Corrugated Fin

Transformer Automatic Welding Corrugated Fin

Many industrial and paper making machines use a transformer as part of the assembly process. Transformer is a tool that is used in transformers. The basic principle is that the flow of current from an electric source can be changed into another state. In case of paper making machines, the current is fed in the iron core and after heating up the core, it is transformed into a blank disc. This process is called corrugation.

In the case of electric transformers, the core is made of steel coil. There are two layers in this core; the outer layer is the metal corrugated, and the inner layer is the electrical insulation. This process of corrugation changes the physical and electrical properties of the core. When the core is made of corrugated steel, the metal layer acts as a layer of insulation and protects the steel coil. If the core is made of paper, it will serve the purpose only as a binding layer.


There are many types of transformers available. The automatic welding transformers are used for welding several types of metals like steel, aluminum, and copper. There are different manufacturers that design and manufacture these transformers. They are designed in such a way so that it gives the users the option to switch between different core metals. As far as size of these transformers is concerned, they are available in different sizes.

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