Uncoiling and Rectifying Device

Uncoiling and Rectifying Device

A wind generator device that uses the concept of Uncoiling and Rectification Device is based on the principle that the force of air that is forced to move in one direction is changed into kinetic energy that has to be converted into electrical energy by means of a DC motor. The DC motor is connected to the axle of the turbine and is placed atop a turbine blade. As the wind moves the blades, the mechanical energy is transformed into AC electricity. The Uncoiling and Rectification Device ensure that the AC electricity produced is of the same polarity as that generated from the wind. If the DC motor happens to be a reversed magnet motor, then also the AC electricity will be of the opposite polarity.


Since it does not have a rotor or any other moving parts, this type of Uncoiling and Rectification Device is called a gravity wind generator. This is an ideal device for powering small electrical appliances such as radios, printers, personal computers, televisions and other such small electric devices. It can be used to power up all your electrical appliances and also can be stored as an energy supplement. You can store enough energy to power up your entire home at night.


Although, this device does not need sunlight to function, it is advised that you cover it during the day as the Uncoiling and Rectifying Device works only when there is no sun. Also note that the Uncoiling and Rectifying Device are only effective in a windy area, as it cannot be used in a flat area. The direction in which the wind blows determines the type of Uncoiling and Rectifying Device that you should use. Also note that such devices are more efficient in cold weather where the air is cooler.

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