Building A Customized Liquid Nitrogen System For Your Engineering Experiment Or For Your Business

Building A Customized Liquid Nitrogen System For Your Engineering Experiment Or For Your Business


Using a residential liquid nitrogen generator is simple and inexpensive, but generating higher purity is important. Lower purity generally gets you higher costs and it takes longer to process your products. Liquid nitrogen gas in house using a system designed to produce high purity drops to less than 10 liters/min at maximum pressure. With a large enough scale system you can reach the same or better purity that you would get from distillation.


There are many reasons that you might want to consider a larger system. If you want to do a lot of processing to get price discounts on large volumes of liquid nitrogen, then you may need a system that delivers higher purity. Or if you are interested in a small lab to test different processes or products and you need low cost and high efficiency, you may need to get more than 10 liters to do some experiments. The higher the purity you need, the more expensive the generator becomes, so running a smaller system may save you money if you are not doing a lot of processing. But as with any type of scientific laboratory equipment, there are always tradeoffs involved.


If you want to start experimenting but you are running short on time, or you need something quickly but are still interested in building a quality system, then you may be interested in running the liquid nitrogen through a dry nitrogen generator. Dry nitrogen generators use compressed air to produce a steady stream of nitrogen gas in your process. You can use one to boost up your processes when you have less time, or you can use one to get more than you need for your business. There are many reasons to consider either, so don’t hesitate to talk to a liquid nitrogen dealer or do a little research to find out what’s best for you. You will be happy you did.

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