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Industrial Oxygen Plants (IOPs) is the most widely used of all the ozone gasifiers. The use of this technology has enabled the utilization of large quantities of oxygen for many different industries. A typical IOP will convert 100% of the available oxygen in the air to oxygen gas. Industrial Oxygen Plants has many uses, including powering paper shredders, vacuum pumping, rocket motors, paper flour mills, paper manufacturers and printing presses, dental equipment, textile mills, rubber manufacturers and much more.


A common problem that arises is the emission of ozone into the atmosphere. Ozone gas is a highly reactive gas that breaks down very easily in the atmosphere. A warning system such as an Oxygen Separator is often used. Industrial Oxygen Plants is also commonly used as a source of fuel for hybrid cars and other vehicles. The exhaust from these vehicles contain much less ozone than what comes from an electric powered vehicle.


Industrial Oxygen Plants is essential to many industries and therefore is necessary for the proper functioning of society. Without IOPs there would be little progress in the technology used in modern society. These types of systems can be found in most any city and are easy to maintain. They are cost effective and are environmentally sound.

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