Corn Paddy Storage With Dryer Silo Turnkey

Corn Paddy Storage With Dryer Silo Turnkey

You can build your own private dry farm, a corn paddy storage silo and a corn residue storage silo easily using the Corn Paddy Storage Silo With Dryer as part of your kit. All you need is the foundation, walls, floors, roofing and some sort of sprinkler system to run the irrigation. This can all be built on your own or by getting your hands dirty by building it from scratch. The best part about doing it this way is that you can still save money and get exactly what you want.


Corn paddy storage silos are built with their contents in mind and these are usually big enough to hold any number of products, tools, machinery, vehicles etc. There is plenty of room for wheelbarrows to be installed, if you plan to store things in this large silo. In fact, there is one on offer just for this purpose now! I’m talking about the 10-metre wide by eight metres long XLS aluminium silo with a flat roof. It will store all of your gardening equipment, tillage machinery, buckets, carts, fencing, ladders, sprayers, guardrails and more.


There is plenty of storage space available, which means you don’t have to worry about space issues, and you can use the walls to make a grand-looking entrance. You can also choose to get insulated dryer silos with a PVC door, these are great if you want to be able to use the dryer during the colder months and if you want to be able to stay warm when using your own dryer. If you want to have an open fire, you can go for the open fireplace silo with a chimney, which will allow the warmth to flow out. If you are worried about smoke billowing around, then you can opt for the steel framed chimney with a wood burning insert too. No matter what you want to store in this great storage building, it will provide all of your needs.

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