Hot Galvanized Steel Simple Silo with cone Bottom

Hot Galvanized Steel Simple Silo with cone Bottom

Hot Galvanized Steel is using to build insulated poultry house for more than 35 years. This simple galvanized steel feed silo with cone bottom has a flat bottom and sides which are heat-resistant. Its unique feature is that the sides of this poultry house have a rounded appearance and therefore can be used as a hot plate, a pizza oven or even as a frying pan. This feed storage building is ideal for poultry owners as it is weather resistant and ideal for poultry keeping for up to a year.


Hot Galvanized Steel is a type of galvanized steel, which has been treated with protection against corrosion, so it can withstand very high temperatures. Hot Galvanized Steel Simple Silo with cone bottom features an aluminium frame with rounded corners and sides. These types of silos are known to be very long-lasting and fireproof. The grain on top of the metal is not sharp, so even if the chickens peck at it, they would not slice or break it. With Galvanized Steel Silos, you will know that even if you have ancient birds that have roosted for centuries, they are still safe from predators as they are protected by a thick layer of metal.


Hot Galvanized Steel feed storage buildings with the flat bottom are known for being cost-effective and easy to use. They are ideal for a range of operations where cleanliness and hygiene are vital. The feed storage building with a hopper bottom can also be used as a barbecue pit. It is very easy to maintain and clean, and the steel silo silos are very durable and strong.

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